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We are specialized in obtaining residency in GREECE, and Select EU countries for clients worldwide. We make a swift case study based on the individual needs of each client. Our Consultants and legal advisors will advice you on the most suitable program of residency, whether by purchase of a property or other investment methods. Our New TIME-SHARE Investment in HOTELS, offer a low entry investment with high RETURN on Investment, while obtaining RESIDENCY plus access to Beautiful Holidays for entire family. We are able to customize solutions depending on every case. We offer several Residency Programs in Europe (Schengen countries), as well as a Special Citizenship program for elite clients within months. Our Professional staff will walk you thru any program from A to Z after assessing your needs and making the suitable choice.

Our Real Estate specialist will guide you thru a variety of properties in excellent locations, some of which are below market value (if u decide on participating in residency program by real estate purchase). Our legal team will Assist you with the title transfer of property, registration procedure and residency process. Email us with your details so you can start the process:

Why US?

We keep the clients objective and interest in mind throughout the process. With our unique connections, your residency application is processed swiftly , while your investment will make you money in the process. Yes, our clients get excellent deals below market value. We offer properties that can potentially appreciate 100% or more within years. We also are able to source financing, and possibly rent the property for an amount equal or exceeding the mortgage payment. This allows our clients to thus enjoy the benefits of residency with a minimum investment and possibility to multiply their capital within few years. We have solutions for every budget , and unique tailor-made solutions that fit every need. Don't Delay, Contact us now at for a Personal Assessment of your case.